Comments from Sir TimBl and Grady Booch

…I hope that we as humanity can learn to use this information space to understand each other, that we can form ourselves into groups in lots of interesting ways so that between us that sort of just tangled web of human groups spans the world and makes that so that it's not…you aren't too many clicks across the social Web from any one person to any other one person, so that start really pulling together in the world and solving the huge challenges which we've got without being distracted by fighting each other. — Sir Tim Berners Lee

…software mashups al la Web 2.0 technologies have gained traction — Grady Booch

Wow! The more I read about this, the more I begin to imagine what life would be were it not for the World Wide Web. It's become so easy to talk to some person who you have not even seen. Specially social networking has reached a stage where it's been more important to 'know people who know' rather than just 'know'! (Can you imagine life without Orkut?!)

If you want to have a larger picture of the way the WWW is positioned now and about its history and the way you can expect it to proceed, you need to listen to this podcast or read it here. (Source: From IBM developerworks article)

As for Booch's comment, well, if Booch says it, you better watch that space! (Here's the source for Grady Booch's comment.)

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Difference in interpretation?

I like blue. This has nothing to do with me being in IBM. I have always liked blue.

Now let's say you hate blue and like some other color, say yellow. What is the reason behind this?

Why do you like what you like? Why do different people like different colors? Is it possible that we all like the same thing, but the way we interpret it is different? In other words, what is 'blue' for me is 'yellow' for you?

I am not sure why I feel this, but there is no way you can deny this because in order to know what my feeling for blue is you have to be 'me', and you cannot be 'me' unless 'I' am 'you'. Further, likings are based on intuitions and cannot be reasoned.

I have had this thought for a long time. Recently I was reading something on AI and I started wondering, “If all computers are made up of the same 'hardware' how can we instill different emotions in them?” The most straight-forward thought that comes to my mind is to instill it using software. This means that you can program a computer to like something and then configure a computer to interpret things differently so that different computers behave differently.

How are human beings different?!

Ok enough of this.

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