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Google Earth now shows Bangalore

Yeah, it's true! Google Earth now shows Bangalore satellite images.

Without any more words, let's get to business (I didn't want to mark the images):

Golden Towers – The place where I work currently:


(Landmark: Just in front of the X shaped building is a L building, which is Golden Enclave. To the right is Golden Tower. It is a small building. To the front is empty space, which is the parking space.)



(Landmark: To the front of EGL is the Golf course, and to the right bottom is the airport runway. The IBM EGL buildings are to the left of the Golf course, to the left top of the picture.)



(Landmark: This clearly shows the IBM EGL buildings.)

How about some other places in Bangalore?



(Description: The railway station to the left and the U shaped bus stand. Looks majestic. )

Chinnaswami stadium:


(Description: Needs none.)



(Description: The runway looks good, but the airport is spoiling the city. Too much of pollution. 😦 )

My room:


(Description: What you see to the right is the smoke from the airport. The road in picture is the airport road. Our rented room is almost at the center of the picture.)

Experiment with Google Earth Now!!!

Web 2.0 – is it the way to go?

Web 2.0 is going to change the way we use the WWW. The entry of social networking tools, blogging etc is just the beginning. There is a lot more to come.

RIA is just coming up. AJAX and AFLAX and similar other technologies are emerging.

We are seeing a total transformation in the way we work. More and more applications are moving on to the web. But the more sensible approach would be to move everything down to the desktop and then provide total interoperability between them.

Some years down the line, browsers will disappear and you will know what I meant. 🙂

Humor? Naah…

Method of swinging on a swing

A method of swing on a swing is disclosed, in which a user positioned on a standard swing suspended by two chains from a substantially horizontal tree branch induces side to side motion by pulling alternately on one chain and then the other.

Believe it or not, the above paragraph is the abstract of a US patent. 🙂

Here are the details.

And if you want more, here is a list of crazy patents.

Now anyone out there on methods to climb a bus?

2 days, 2 experiences

September 2, 2005:

As usual, after my office work, I improve my gyan in my fields of interest. I am trying out the newly discovered Clusty and hit upon something very interesting.

This site is called It is not something that I can describe, but here are some things it deals with:

* The Singularity.
* Living Forever.
* Will Machines Become Conscious?
* How to Build a Brain.
* Visions of the Future.

If you are not already excited, then you better not continue reading this blog. But if you are, then I suggest you start off with this:

Chapter 1: The Evolution of Mind in the Twenty-First Century.

I am tempted to tell you what is in there, but let me not, or else you will criticize me for curbing your interests after you read it.

September 3, 2005:

Early morning, I find myself attending a workshop in Le Meridian hotel, Sankey Road. This seminar is about:
Model Driven and Service Oriented Development using Eclipse, J2EE and Web Services.

The workshop was lead by Shridhar Iyengar, a distinguished engineer from IBM. It was one of the best workshops I had ever attended. It was jointly organized by Rotary Bangalore West, IBM and OMG.

Why I specially liked is that, this workshop dealt with upcoming trends in Software development. It talked about concepts like Modeling, Metadata, Service Oriented Development, Model Driven Architecture, Reverse Engineering, Reusable Assets etc.

I come to office today and find more interesting stuff:
Microsoft suing Google and Ballmer using offensive words against Google, making comments like Google will disappear within 5 years etc! (Is this more because of desperation?!)

Clusty – Not Just Yet Another Clustering Meta Search Engine

It has been a long time since I did any khoj on the Internet. So here is one good one:

Clusty is a meta search engine. As the name suggests, Clusty clusters the search results. The best part of Clusty is that it is integrated with Wikipedia. So, you can just search for words in this search engine, see what the related categories are. In fact, it is not even necessary to open the pages. The results (especially in Wikipedia) itself give you what you are searching for.

If that is not enough, you have customization features, preview etc. There is also a Firefox toolbar for Clusty.


What is your Googlenym?

A Googlenym is a word or a set of words (phrase) that you enter to go to a particular page.

It's now a common strategy to remember the Googlenym rather than the entire URL to a website. Just remember what is the set of words that will uniquely lead you to a particular site. Enter it, and you are done.

Do you have a Googlenym? Mine is ““buzypi“.

There are many such words based on Google. The wikipedia link given above has a list of these.

Now don't “Google bomb” my site. 🙂