Random thought

It's a matter of time before something happens 🙂


Random thought

… and thus ultimately it's all mathematics.

My tags

So you are not interested in my blogs on tech? But I just can't stop blogging about tech.

So here's the solution:

1. For general blog entries visit: General (Tag name – general). (Sorry, if some tech jargons creep in.)

2. For technical entries: Tech (Tag name – tech).

Sub-categories in tech:

Khoj (Tag name – khoj) – These are cool things that I find on the net.
Problem (Tag name – problem) – These are some problems that I face/ problems that I think are not yet solved.
Thoughts (Tag name – thoughts) – These are certain things that might need some thought and analysis.
Semantic Web (Tag name – sw) – You know what 🙂

Other tags:

College (Tag name – college) – About my college days and new things HAPPENING in college.
IBM (Tag name – ibm) – About my association with IBM.
LJ (Tag name – livejournal) – About new things that come up in LJ and anything concerned with LJ (like this blog entry).
Jobless (Tag name – jobless) – Those “Find your friends”, “Find when you die” etc utilities that work over LJ.

And in case your RSS reader supports filtering, you could use the tags
specified to filter my entries (All my tags are in lowercase).

And since I like XSLT here's the XSLT snippet to filter out my 'tech' blog entries and display the titles:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
<xsl:template match="/">
     <xsl:for-each select="category">
       <xsl:variable name="temp" select="." />
       <xsl:if test="$temp = 'tech' " >
        <xsl:value-of select="../title" /><br />

Semantic Web is not AI?

An article in W3 says that Semantic Web is not AI.

But an article on Knowledge representation in Wikipedia says, this:

# RDF is a simple notation for representing relationships between and among objects

Examples of artificial languages intended for knowledge representation include:

# CycL
# …
# …

Both SW related technologies figure in an article related to AI!

The confusion seems to be in the interpretation of what is meant by AI. This word could be interpreted at 2 different levels. I could either call robots with their own intelligence as AI, or just the representation of information and infering from it as AI.

But this thought definitely needs some grinding and digesting.

A cool desktop widget toolkit from uhhh… Yahoo

Ever heard of Konfabulator?

Well here is a snapshot to show you what it can do. And if you are excited by the concept of Firefox extensions, then you better check this out! Because Konfabulator uses JS and XML to develop scripts.


For more information, you could check Konfabulator.

For downloading widgets, you can go to Widget Gallery.

Time to start experimenting, eh?!

So finally am in…

I am finally into ISL.

I didn't get my systems yet 😦

So am typing this from Kulki's system. 🙂


I recently got my last stipend for the project. I had to buy something for myself. So I bought a new Timex MF-13.

Some features:

* Is Ana-Dig.
* Alarm.
* Stopwatch.
* Timer.
* A cool indiglo.