Fed up of XML/XSLT

The job is simple. I need to download the RSS feed of my blog from LJ and then transform it using XSLT on the client side and then display it in a IFRAME.

Internet Explorer provides a very simple way to do this. Script can be found here. But I didn't find an easy way to do it in Mozilla (supposedly my favorite browser 😦 ) Any way out?

This reminds me of Tanenbaum's comments:

The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.


Creative Commons – A move towards the Semantic Web

The Creative Commons seems to be an interesting move towards the Semantic Web. What is so special about Creative Commons, you might ask? Just adding that label to your page makes the difference? No, surely not.

If you look at any page that has a Creative Commons license, just go to the source. Now provided the license is valid, you should see some RDF data in it. What is so special about this RDF data is that it can be understood by machines (in this case crawlers). So crawlers are able to go through your page and understand how your work can be used.

Creative Commons licenses can be used to license not just text, but also audio, images, video etc.

So add this license to your blog and call it a licensed work in future. 🙂

To get started you may visit CC and then create a license by following the steps.

And ya, not to forget, Yahoo has started a Creative Commons search engine. So if you need flash movies for free or songs that you can download, just search for CC licensed works.

IBM Project @ GT, Bangalore

Here's where I am currently working (ya, still working) on my project:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Console Room, 4th Floor, Golden Towers, Airport Road, Bangalore-17.

Do you make any value addition?

You blog about a lot of things. Do you ever make any value addition to the already overflowing information base?

Think about it…

Updated my website using XML/XSLT

I updated my website today. I used the “Drifting” template from OSWD.

Initially I had used Sinorca. But I found that it is very difficult to update the pages since we need to search for the tags where we need to update the information.

I thought it would be good to have a design based on XML/XSLT so that it is easy to make changes in the XML and the changes are rendered (without any user intervention) using the style-sheet. But no such template was available. So I had to make the modification from XHTML to XML/XSLT myself. (But it is well-worth the effort.)

So here it is, my website based on XML/XSLT.

I'll soon be uploading the new template so that anyone can use the “Drifting” template based on XML/XSLT.

Finally got my first stipend

There were some problems in getting my stipend. After much awaiting finally my stipend cheque arrived yesterday.

Thank God!

Semantic wikipedia

Combine the power of the “Semantic Web” and “Wikipedia” and you get Semantic Wiki. What would this mean for normal users? Well, probably in the near future you could see a revived search in Wikipedia that is able to search for very specific information.

That is not all, the potential of semantic web is limited only by our imagination. (And right now I don't know what potential semantic wiki has, but it is a thing to watch out for).

Semantic web would do to the WWW, what WWW did to the Internet.