Blog spamming?!

Recently saw some anonymous comments in many of my friend's blogs. (I don't know if it is there in some entry of mine. I didn't care to check.)

Well, this made me check on the web about blog spamming. And guess what I found out? A novel idea to advertise your product. Just write a small script, which just keeps commenting others' blogs and thus helps raise the ranking in sites like Google. Check this out.

Any new invention has its inherent problems. Can't help it…


Blogging – the new revolution?!

I had to add something, after all I had to tell people that I am alive!

Good to know people are joining this new community.

It reminds me of the day when Bharat introduced me to blogging. The first question I asked him was “Are people jobless?”. Now I realize how useful it is.

And then the question why people blog? I have been thinking about it for quite sometime and found 2 pretty good reasons for it:

* To share experiences.
* To share knowledge. (Ever heard of longhornblogs?)

Well, that seems to be pretty good reasons. So keep blogging. (But isn't it bad to know that the word blog is still not in the English dictionary?)

To wind up here's an article on blogs, which talks about what blogging is all about. Copy-cat M$ has also jumped into this field.

What's more? Our CGI project this time is on blogging. Can someone suggest me a good name for it?