Hey this RSS thing is cool man!!!

I am impressed.

Hadn't expected this thing to be there.

I have been using My Yahoo for about a year now. But I hadn't known that this RSS thing can help me do the things that I had longed craved for.

I am sure people who know RSS and its potential have by now, realized what I am talking about. But for the rest, read on…

RSS is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication”. It is a format that is used agreed upon by the organizations and is used for providing services and news to the users via their own personalized portals.

What's more. You can see your friends' updated journals through your personalized page as soon as they update it. You can read news from around the world within 15 mins! You can see the search results for a frequently searched word as soon as it is updated.

And ya that's not the end of it.

While I am busy finding out what else can be done using RSS, I guess it is time you people also explore the capabilities of this wonderful technology.

Happy RSSing


My first weekend

Weekends are something great and looked forward to in software companies. Although we have been here for 2 weeks now, this is the first weekend we had for ourselves since the last weekend, we had to go back to Mysore to attend the IBM interview.

I therefore didn't want to waste it and so slept the whole day!!!

Back to work…

After a very hectic week-end, I am now back to the Golden Towers to continue our project.

I am now placed in IBM and that is what is a real relief.

The interview was fine. The moment they came to know that I was doing a project at IBM, they stopped interviewing me! That was cool.